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CuttingRoom uses content from live streams, external storage solutions, media asset management systems, and manual uploads to create engaging content.
Manage multiple live input streams and cut clips in real-time. Search back-in-time of weeks or months based on date, time, or EPG data.
Ingest content from external systems, using CuttingRoom as a nexus for your video, audio or images and making that available to all team members instantly.
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Ben Clinton
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A professional non-linear editor, with source, timeline, and preview view. Anyone with a web browser can edit frame-accurately with our highly responsive user interface.
Advanced layered sequences, yet easy enough for beginners to get started quickly. Multiple aspect ratios, add transitions, graphics, and audio adjustments.
Add titles, lower thirds [..]
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Ben Clinton


Create multiple versions of the same story at once from a single click of a button. Utilizing the power of the fastest rendering engine on the market, content is ready to air in record time.
Social Media
Publish directly to multiple social media accounts, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Use our growing list of integrations to publish to media asset management systems and storage platforms.
Kara Smith
Ben Clinton
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Core Values

Efficient to set-up
Easy to learn
Fast to publish
Cloud-native redundancy
Systems monitored 24/7
Support included
Browser based
Available anywhere
Platform agnostic
Unlimited users
Unlimited throughput
Capacity on-demand

Integrates seamlessly with your favorite services.

CuttingRoom has integrations with the most popular media asset management systems and content storages. We continuously expand the list so you can focus on creating stories with all your content at your fingertips.
Bryan F
@bry4n • Sept 2
“Before using Stack we just couldn’t get our act together - productivity was low and the place was a mess. After Stack we became MVP of our field. 💪🏽💪🏽”
Camilla Island
"Allowing us journalists to be part of the whole process enables a faster workflow from production to distribution without any unnecessary bottlenecks.
This creates a more efficient workflow than journalists are used to from other platforms.
In addition, we value that the system is cloud-based. This gives us more flexibility and possibilities."
Kath Hodge
@khodge3 • Sept 2
“What was especially amazing was the breadth of the design. This isn’t just one or two basic pages, it covers all the bases and allows us to launch fully realised websites faster than ever. ✌️”
Connor P.
@gitit_2day • Sept 2
Without Stack we would still be managing things the bad old way: wasting time, missing deadlines and finger-pointing. No more! Pivot has saved our business. 💰
Joan S.
@sikchik57 • Sept 2
At first we were using templates solely to mock up designs for clients, but the design of Stack was so strong that the client demanded we keep it.

Why CuttingRoom?

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Customers wishing to move to the cloud need:
Unlimited projects
Targeted API
Live Support
Smart Schema
30 Day Trial
Automated Flow
End-to-End Encryption
API Connection
User ID
Always Sync
Require Login
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