CuttingRoom and NTB Mediebank Announce Integration to Enhance Media Management and Video Editing Capabilities

CuttingRoom, a leading cloud-native video editing tool, and NTB Mediebank, a premier Norwegian-developed media library, are proud to announce their new integration. This collaboration combines CuttingRoom's video editing platform with NTB Mediebank's media storage and management solutions. 

With the integrated solution, customers can access their media content directly from the CuttingRoom interface and create and publish video content seamlessly. 

NTB Mediebank is a versatile, cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that simplifies the storage, retrieval, and sharing of images, videos, and graphics. Designed for large and small businesses and public and private organizations, it provides a unified system for managing media files.

Tor Richardsen, Product Manager at NTB, said: "The integration between CuttingRoom and NTB Mediebank elevates customer value to new heights, with CuttingRoom providing Mediebank customers the ability to work with video quickly and efficiently."

CuttingRoom, renowned for its innovative cloud-native video editing platform, enhances this integration with its award-winning editing tools. The platform offers a super responsive user interface and fast ingest, upload, rendering, and publishing capabilities. This makes CuttingRoom the preferred choice for scalable video editing, enabling users to work from anywhere and collaborate in real-time.

Helge Høibraathen, Co-Founder and co-CEO of CuttingRoom adds: "We are thrilled to integrate with NTB Mediebank, bringing together two powerful tools for media management and video editing. Our combined solution will empower users to streamline their workflows and focus on creating high-quality, engaging content instead of spending time on logistics. Major Norwegian newspapers like Aftenposten and Bergens Tidende have already benefited from this partnership."

About CuttingRoom

CuttingRoom is a powerful cloud-native video editing tool recognized for revolutionizing cloud video workflows for content owners worldwide. The product has received several industry awards, most recently the Best of Show 2024 by TVBEurope at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas. Customers choose CuttingRoom to increase their output and reach a wider audience with engaging video content. With its super responsive user interface and fast ingest, upload, rendering, and publishing of videos, it is the preferred cloud video platform for anyone looking for a scalable video editing platform that answers today's video editing, working from anywhere, and collaboration requirements.

For more information, please visit CuttingRoom website and the NTB Mediebank website (in Norwegian).