Integrates with all your workflow services.

We are constantly adding more services to our platform so that you can start producing content immediately without thinking about integrations.
Coming soon!

Amazon S3

Search, import and distribute content to and from Amazon S3. Only import what you need and distribute with full metadata support.
Coming soon!


Iconik is a cloud-native Media Asset Management (MAM) system, with a highly customizable metadata and workflow structure that can be tailored to your organizations workflow.
Coming soon!


Mjoll Mimir is a Production Asset Management system utilizing AI technology to metadata enrich video files.
Coming soon!


Connect CuttingRoom to Dropbox, making all content available to the editor as a searchable source, only localizing the assets you wish to work with.
Coming soon!

AWS MediaPackage

Use linear feeds in AWS MediaPackage to clip and publish content in real-time. Secure, easy to set up and cost-effective.
Coming soon!

Google Drive

Connect Google Drive to CuttingRoom and have secure, instant and personalized access to all your content.
Coming soon!

Vimond VIA

VIA is a cloud-based Content Management System, it is used by media companies world wide powering some of the most well known OTT platforms on the market.
Coming soon!


Publish videos directly fo Facebook after editing. Choose the aspect ratio that fits the story without recreating the story.
Coming soon!


Publish videos to multiple Instagram accounts in any aspect ration.
Coming soon!


Publish videos directly to multiple YouTube channels from CuttingRoom.
Coming soon!


Ingest live streams into CuttingRoom directly from Zixi Broadcaster, enabling lightning-fast publishing from live.

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